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Current Version 1.2.7 View Changelog

Docy is a powerful, responsive, and high-performance online documentation WordPress theme that can assist you in quickly develop your next product’s documentation. You can effectively create documentation for documenting API, frameworks, plugins, software, templates, any type of product. It includes a lot of elements to make your documentation interactive and efficient. This theme is completely responsive and mobile-friendly.

We designed Docy for the readers, optimizing not for page views or engagement — but reading. And it turns out that context is a vital part of learning.

Docy is not only a theme but also a package of tools for creating product documentation in the best way. Docy follows the best coding practice by maintaining w3.org standards. We developed the theme search engine friendly (SEO optimized) and perfect on any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad).

Docy has some amazing tools that will help you build your product documentation interactively and reading friendly. Here are some key features that make the theme better than other knowledgebase themes.

  • Dark mode switcher.
  • Font size switcher
  • Full-width and Box width container-based doc pages.
  • Article Table of contents (on this page)
  • Documentation with sticky and non-sticky header
  • Dynamic, informative pre-loader on every page
  • Footnotes for doc reference
  • Page preview tooltip
  • Directory indicator
  • Conditional content
  • Image Hotspot for pointing out the targeted parts of an image
  • Responsive Layout
  • CSS3 & HTML5 validated by w3.org standards
  • 100% Valid and Semantic coding
  • 40+ Pages
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Full-width layout
  • Syntax highlighter
  • Tabs
  • Alerts / Messages / Notes
  • Accordion
  • Lightbox
  • Tooltips
  • Carousel
  • File tree navigation
  • Table of content
  • Property tabl e
  • Article feedback
  • Easy to Customize.
  • Bootstrap 4 Responsive Framework
  • Unique and Modern Style.
  • Search Engine Optimised Code.
  • Mailchimp integrated.
  • All Modern Browser Supported.
  • Well commented code


Sources and Credits

  1. Icon Font: The Elegant Icon
  2. Icon Font: fontawesome
  3. Images Used: Freepik, Unsplash


1.2.5 (12 June 2021)

Fixed: Forum Tab conditionally removed from Search results page if bbPress plugin deactivated.
Fixed: Search Banner not showing on the 3rd depth doc page

1.2.6 (21 June 2021)

Tweaked: Alert Elementor widget (display flex issue fixed)
Fixed: When you unfold the doc section tree, the section title jumps a line and this happens only since the last theme update.
Updated: Smart bbPress nVerify plugin

1.2.5 (12 June 2021)

New: Search Form on the Header
New: Integrated the Smart bbPress nVerify plugin and included it with the theme.

1.2.4 (10 June 2021)

New: Filter (search doc in documentation chapters) option added to the doc single page.
New: Doc left sidebar collapse
Tweaked: Third depth doc support
Fixed: Fixed some responsive issues on the doc single page

1.2.3 (8 June 2021)

Fixed: Ajax Search not working (immediate fix)

1.2.2 (8 June 2021)

New: Changelogs (custom post and Elementor widget)
Fixed: Doc navigation active color not applying when the titles start with number
Tweaked: Performance improved (docs-single.js and dark-mode.js file separated and loaded with dependency)
Tweaked: Some design part of the theme
Updated: Demo contents (changelogs added)

1.2.1 (05 June 2021)

New: Ajax Search options tab added to Theme Settings > General
New: "Style Keywords" group of controls added to the "Hero Search" Elementor widget
Tweaked: Dependency added to the Ajax search tab (if bbPress forum isn't active, the Forum search tab will be deactivated automatically)
Tweaked: PHP errors fixed (php errors produce on demo content if bbPress plugin deactivate)

1.2.0 (01 June 2021)

Tweaked: Onepage doc (left navigation active class added and other improvements)
New: Filter tabs (Docs, Forum, Blog) added on the Ajax search results
Tweaked: Search results page (filter tabs added, search result items redesigned)
Tweaked: bbPress breadcrumb design alignments
Tweaked: Dark Mode support enabled for the forum search results page
Tweaked: Dark Mode colors
Tweaked: Performance improved by deleting the unnecessary CSS files and dependency created for forum.css CSS files

1.1.9 (27 May 2021)

Fixed: Style broken issues cause by upgrading to Bootstrap 5
Tweaked: Improved some design

1.1.8 (25 May 2021)

New: OnePage documentation
New: Upgraded to Bootstrap 5 support
Tweaked: Doc Sidebar position adjusted on stick up the Navigation Header

1.1.7 (18 May 2021)

Fixed: Links option not showing on Theme Settings > Footer > Footer Bottom
Fixed: Updated and New Metafields conflicts with the old metafields
Fixed: Action button metafield options not working

1.1.6 (08 May 2021)

Tweaked: Color Options (Theme Settings > Color Scheme)
Fixed: Search Banner 02
Tweaked: Theme Settings > Header > Search Banner
Tweaked: Dark Mode
Tweaked: Doc page meta (Options :: Doc > Header)
Tweaked: Header and Banner page meta

1.1.5 (05 May 2021)

Tweaked: Docs archives page
Tweaked: Single doc Elementor widget
New: New Single Documentation and Multi Documentation pages added
Updated: Language file (languages/docy.pot)

1.1.4 (03 May 2021)

New: Cool Knowledge base Homepage demo
Fixed: Testimonial skin-2
Fixed: PHP error - explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in docy-core/widgets/Docs.php on line 185
Tweaked: Dark Mode

1.1.4 (03 May 2021)

New: Cool Knowledge base Homepage demo
Fixed: Testimonial skin-2
Fixed: PHP error - explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in docy-core/widgets/Docs.php on line 185
Tweaked: Dark Mode

1.1.3 (02 May 2021)

Fixed: Search form overlaps by the overlay color on focus
Tweaked: Dark Mode

1.1.2 (01 May 2021)

New: Cool, Light and Community Search Hero (design inspired from our Docly theme)
New: Theme Settings > Typography Settings
New: Related docs
New: Recently viewed docs
Fixed: PHP errors on docs page

1.1.1 (25 April 2021)

Tweaked: Dark Mode
Tweaked: Overall design
Tweaked: Header responsive
Fixed: Action button meta
New: Child Theme included

1.1.0 (21 April 2021)

Fixed: The full theme checked and fixed the random issues
New: Light Knowledgebase and Classic Helpdesk
New: One-Click Demo Importer integrated
Tweaked: The overall theme design

1.0.0 (19 April 2021)

Initial Release
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