Welcome to our Vue Js Creative Agency, VueJs Portfolio and Corporate Multi-Purpose Template.
It comes with Vue and Vuetify UI framework built with Vue.js.Vuetify made by Google Material Design specification which you provide rich and engaging user experiences.

We created it with component-based and developer friendly modern JavaScript framework VueJs , not jQuery.By following multiple component you can build a website as you like. Imroz is well documented, very easy to use, easily customizable, loads faster and provides better performance.

It has available Creative Agency, Creative Agency Landing, Personal Portfolio, Personal Portfolio Landing, Minimal Portfolio, Home Particles, Digital Agency, Business, Home Parallax, Startup,
Studio Agency, Freelancer, Minimal Portfolio Parallax, and other needed inner or details pages availability.

ib-themes team never stops Improving, bug fixes, and improvements. So we recommend you to read the changelog for every update.

By following multiple component you can build a website as you like. Imroz is well documented, very easy to use, Easily Customized, loads faster and provides better performance.

Imroz – Main features:

  • Build With VueJs 2.6
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • No JQuery
  • It comes with 17+ Home Variation. More demos are coming
  • Main Demo
  • Main Demo Dark
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Personal Portfolio Dark
  • Interior Landing
  • Minimal Portfolio
  • Digital Agency
  • Creative Agency
  • Corporate Business
  • Personal Portfolio Landing
  • Creative Agency Landing
  • Business
  • Designer Portfolio
  • Home Particles
  • Studio Agency
  • Startup
  • Creative Portfolio
  • Blog Pages
  • Is has available inner page
  • Sass Available
  • Fontawesome and Feather Icons is used
  • Perfect Responsive
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Well Documented Codes
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Modern Design
  • Google Fonts
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Dedicated Support
  • And much more …

VueJS Features

  • Virtual DOM.
  • Templates
  • Provide reactive and composable view components
  • Maintain focus in the core library, with concerns such as routing and global state management handled by companion libraries
  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • Simplicity
  • Runtime Performance

Pros of VueJs

  • VueJs uses virtual DOM that makes the user experience better. It also makes the developer’s job less complex.
  • Template is used in VueJs which is very simple and easy to learn. 
  • There is no need for separate files for logic and markup in VueJS.
  • VueJs is an open-source library that is maintained by an international team active core team members.
  • The two way data binding makes the code very stable.
  • VueJS also provides a mobile solution that is known as Vue Native.
  • VueJS is faster for rendering as compared to other web frameworks.
  • Conditional statements in VueJS are very helpful.
  • It has a great developer’s toolkit.

Included in the purchase package

  • Vue Files
  • Supporting CSS, JS files
  • Documentation

Video Tutorials – Get started with imroz VueJs multipurpose template Ib-Themes YouTube channel follow the instruction. Make your life easier.


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  • Videoblocks

Note: All images & videos are used for demo purpose and NOT include in the purchase packages.

Do You Need More Features? Please contact with us via our support center: https://support.rainbowit.net/support/

Update Changelog

Version 1.4 - 07 July 2021
Fixed: section title hidden from top when one-page nav scrolling in responsive devices.
Fixed: responsive for call to action sectoin.

Version 1.3 - 26 May 2021
Fixed: Personal Portfolio, Personal Portfolio Dark and Landing Personal Portfolio  
DOWNLOAD CV button scrolls down for a bit but then scrolls back up issue fixed!

Version 1.2 - 22 May 2021
Updated: documentation page

Version 1.1 - 20 May 2021
Fixed: CSS style throughout the site 
Fixed: Responsive Bug 

Version 1.0 - 11 May 2021
Initial release

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