Serenite is an astonishing multipurpose template made for software startup websites. Its truly vast collection of beautiful layouts and powerful elements make it a great fit for SaaS, cryptocurrency, app and tech companies, as well as for digital studios. Serenite comes with gorgeous app landing page templates and its entire content is highly customizable, allowing the user to quickly choose and set up the pages on their website. The template is fully intuitive, making it easy for you to build a remarkable website with no hassle!

  • 02_serenite_home_default.psd
  • 03_serenite_digital_marketing.psd
  • 04_serenite_home_software.psd
  • 05_serenite_coworking.psd
  • 06_serenite_home_corporate.psd
  • 07_serenite_about_us.psd
  • 08_serenite_services.psd
  • 09_serenite_services_details.psd
  • 10_serenite_blog_grid.psd
  • 11_serenite_blog_standard.psd
  • 12_serenite_blog_single.psd
  • 13_serenite_contact_us.psd

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